Finding a great idea – why creativity is a structured process

Where and when?

This workshop has already taken place – as soon as we have new date you can find out here or on our Instagram profile as well as on our LinkedIn profile.


What is the workshop about?

Every successful company starts with an idea. Often, a dazzling story is told about how the founders came up with it. But if you’re honest, the best ideas don’t come about just like that or because there’s a super creative genius behind them. On the contrary: structure and the application of creativity methods lead to not only good but great ideas! In this workshop we will show you how to develop creativity, which methods are available and what all this has to do with founding.


Who should attend? Anyone who

  • feels like creativity is not his*her strong suit.
  • needs a lot of stuff and colors to be creative.
  • wants to work with even better methods when it comes to identifying great ideas.
  • is already bored when hearing the word brainstorming.


Who is the expert?

Maximilian Finger – part of the great team at Zollhof and the Talent Program Lead there. He inspires young people to make their dreams come true and to learn everything they need to know to do so. This is why he is therefore more than perfect for the topic of creativity because everything starts with the idea!


If you have any questions – don’t hestiate to send Heike an email!